Changes coming in August!

On August 1, 2013, eharvest will be moving out of its Beta stage, and new and current Fundraisers and Sellers will charged a low fee of 5% from every donation and sale. (For sellers, fees will be based on each sale's pre-donation amount.) Creating donation and shop pages will always remain free!

Current Beta users who are enjoying our free service will be notified when these changes go into effect. If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact us .

PayPal Premier and Business Accounts

eharvest does not charge any fees for the use of PayPal; however, PayPal Premier and Business accounts may be subject to fees from PayPal. Please visit PayPal's fee information page to learn more.

Why do I see a $0.01 charge?

The $0.01 fee helps eharvest to verify your identity by charging you a small amount on your PayPal account. The $0.01 will be refunded to you once verification has been completed.