What you can do with your Charity shop

If you’re an artist, crafter, or you simply want to start an online shop to sell items, you can do so with our Charity Shops. Sell you art, handmade jewelry and other homemade wares and expand your brand while helping to support your favorite charities, organizations or fundraisers!

If you’re looking to sell your handmade items, whether it’s artwork, jewelry or clothing, online and to a wider audience, eharvest can help you do so while helping you to support your favorite charities, organizations and even other eharvest fundraisers.

You get to choose how much from each sale you want to donate, and where the donations will go. Not only will you be sharing your arts and crafts with the world, but you’ll help to make your community a better place.

Please note that Charity Shops are meant for the sales of handmade and original creations only!

In your Charities tab will be listed all of the charities, fundraisers and organizations that you are currently supporting and how much your sales have contributed so far. It allows your buyers and supporters know which causes are most important to you and how much of an impact you’re making!

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