What you can do with your fundraiser shop

Instead of collecting monetary donations, you can also successfully fundraise by selling items. eharvest enables you to create online shops to sell items to fundraise for your cause, and they are easy to use and setup!

If you prefer not to collect online donations, you can create an online shop to sell your new or vintage goods to raise money for your fundraisers and causes.

Just like our donation pages, you can customize your shop with colors and your own images, and it’s easy to add items to your online store.

You can keep your supporters and buyers updated on the progress of your fundraiser or announce new items for sale using our Updates feature that enables you to post updates in a blog format.

It’s a great way to stay connected with your supporters and buyers and to let them know that you appreciate their purchases and support!

In the Supporters tab, displayed are the names of everyone who has purchased from your shop in support for your cause, along with the amount they contributed and any comments they might have left you. This page is viewable to anyone who visits your page.

It’s nice to know who has contributed to your fundraiser in case you want to send them a nice Thank You note!

Create a Fundraiser shop page